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LLM in India After Graduation

Those who have already earned an elementary legal education could opt for the coveted Master of Laws,  or LLM, postgraduate degree in law. The LLM offers an opportunity for concentration in a specific area of law or jurisdiction and is typically undertaken by following the completion of a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or Juris Doctor (JD). In India there is a vast Scope after LLM. It provides practitioners an in-depth comprehension of legal concepts, laws, and procedures, enabling them to improve their understanding regarding topics like intellectual property (IP), commercial law, global law, and the protection of human rights. Comprehensive study, courses of study, and on occasion a final project or dissertation are all components of LLM courses, which train graduates for positions in academia, legal professions, or policymaking

Why should you choose LLM ?

After graduating from law college, it is important to pursue a LLM program. An LLM program will prepare you to provoke your legal career. The LLM program prepares students for a global career. An LLM program with specialization in international law allows a competitive part over different candidates and a chance to study law abroad, making sure a promising profession in advance. Narrows Down Your interests: Unlike undergraduate law courses comprising law in general, LLM program allows you to specialize in one unique discipline. This finally helps you to concentrate on the subject and provide it extra attention and consequently making you a pro at it. Switch Specializations: LLM course offers you the possibility to specialize in a one-of-a-kind field than what you would possibly have selected throughout your commencement from law. Pursue a career in legal Writing & research: Depending on the LLM specialization, it offers you to have a career in legal studies and writing by way of pursuing LLD after LLM. A program in LLM gets you that income hike and more possibilities than just a simple bachelors’ degree in law.


 LLM courses offer you an opportunity to concentrate on a specific area of law, offering you extensive expertise and experience that may boost your probability of obtaining an excellent career. There are various specializations in LLM which opens a door to various career scope. You can specialize in International law, Corporate law, Environment Law, Family Law and many more.

Career Development:

 Holding an LLM qualification may open doors to opportunities in specific law firms, educational institutions, global organizations, and establishing policies, among other occupations.


Worldwide Viewpoint:

Many of LLM courses enable you to look at legal frameworks as well as obstacles from an international point of view, which is important in an environment where links have grown deeper.



LLM courses attract students from across the globe and with an array of legal experiences, providing great opportunities for networking that will benefit your professional development in the future.


Scope After LLM in India

LLM candidates have vast scope and job opportunities in their profession. They also can prepare for competitive exams like PCS-J.  Here in this blog we have mentioned Some major scope and career options for LLM –

  •  An advocate is someone who practices law independently. He fights for those who assume they’re no longer being heard and a proposed fight for their rights and justice. The scope is vast and diverse.


  •  A judge is someone who offers his noble decision about any argument inside the honorary courts of India. Judges in India can start their career from lower courts like district courts.


  • A notary is appointed with the aid of the state or the central government on the advice of the courts. He stays as a witness to signing of various prison files to lend legal credibility.


Legal Document Reviewer:
  •  A legal document Reviewer/spinoff’s task is to barter and evaluate numerous forms of legal documents and draft responses, ancillary files and so forth.



A professor imparts information on all the topics which are taught at various law schools and universities.

  • A legal consultant/associate assists in contract summarization, contract management, legal studies, drafting, litigation and research-associated projects.


Salary after LLM

After completing LLM salary may vary depending upon location, specialization, experience, requirement and many more. One must be passionate to work on their interested sector to develop valuable skills.

  • On average, the entry level salary for LLM graduates starts from 8 lakh to 20 lakh.
  • Salaries in the corporate sector can vary from 7 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum.
  • In the academic sector salary can range from 6 to 15 lakhs per annum.
  • LLM graduates who want to pursue a career in judiciary can expect a salary from 7 lakh to 20 lakhs.

To Conclude

LLM in India can offer you various career options and job security but it is important to know your interests and specialize in a unique discipline. Always choose a career that aligns with your passion. In India there is a lot of scope after LLM. You can work in the corporate field, law firms , NGOs, consultancy firms, Real estates and media houses. Remember salaries may depend upon experience, location and requirements of the company.


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