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We Provide Top Quality Legal Education in india

Libra college of law is the top Law College in india.

Libra college of Law in India established in the year 2006 with the aim to impart intensive and extensive quality education in the field of Law by adopting modern and practical Teaching and Training Techniques and also develop all round personality of the students and inoculate in them the discipline, personal character-physical, moral and ethical, so that they can become better and useful citizens and also be confident and bold to accept the challenges in the field of Law, be it Judiciary, Corporate World or the Law Courts.

Set amidst a sprawling green campus in the heart of Dehradun, it offers students a holistic environment that encourages exposure to social, cultural, and physical activities that complement the top-of-the-class legal education imparted by the college.
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Over the past few decades perception towards law has changed considerably and more students are now seeking law as a career option. India has some of the India’s best law colleges. It is very vital to choose a recognized law college if one is planning to pursue law as a career. Selection of the right law college with best faculty and infrastructure is the first step towards giving an edge to a career in the discipline of law. The Libra College of Law attracts capable students from all over India. The Management of the College believes in maintaining a healthy diversity in the institute – We guarantee that students from different cultures and economic and social backgrounds are given a fair opportunity to apply and study at Libra College of Law.

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Our Commitment

Our Vision

Libra College of Law envisions to be a premier institution empowering aspiring legal professionals with comprehensive education and practical skills to excel in their careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality legal education through innovative teaching methods, nurturing ethical values, and fostering a conducive learning environment to groom competent and socially responsible legal professionals.
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To create and circulate knowledge in the area of Law through national and international accredited educational processes.
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Nurturing legal minds with integrity, empathy, and excellence as our guiding principle.
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At Libra College of Law, the key to success is a fusion of knowledge, ethics, and relentless determination in the pursuit of justice.


Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a Culture of Equity and Belonging

Commitment to Diversity

Celebrating Diversity in All Forms

Inclusive Campus Environment

Creating a Welcoming Space

Cultural Awareness Programs

Broadening Perspectives

International Student Support

Bridging Cultures

Diverse Faculty Recruitment

Reflecting Society

Diversity Training

Providing Training to Foster Inclusive Behaviors

Legal Practice Areas

Exploring Courtroom Dynamics

Engage with leading legal practitioners through our Extension Lecture Series, gaining valuable insights into contemporary legal issues and procedural intricacies.
Broaden your legal perspective with our internationalization initiatives, which expose students to diverse legal systems and global legal challenges, preparing them for a dynamic legal career on a global scale.
Hone your advocacy skills in simulated courtroom settings through our Moot Court program, where you’ll gain practical experience in legal research, argumentation, and case presentation.
Fuel your passion for the law and nurture your intellectual curiosity through our diverse range of courses and extracurricular activities, inspiring a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in the legal field.


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