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Libra is The Best LLM College in Dehradun

LLM stands for Master of Legislative laws is a 1-year postgraduate program within the subject of law. LLM is generally pursued after completion of LLB degree to become an expert in any LLM specializations together with international law, corporate law, business law, criminal law. LLM or Master of Laws is a globally recognized postgraduate degree, undertaken by students from unique academic backgrounds, however students with LLB heritage are given a choice. LLM degree is however best for candidates who are looking to develop their legal know-how in a specific component of law.

Why LLM?

After graduating from law college, it is important to pursue a LLM program. An LLM program will prepare you to provoke your legal career. Noted below are few of the top reasons to pursue LLM courses.

Prepares for a global career:

An LLM program with specialization in international law allows a competitive part over different candidates and a chance to study law abroad, making sure a promising profession in advance.

Narrows Down Your interests:
Unlike undergraduate law courses comprising law in general, LLM program allows you to specialize in one unique discipline. This finally helps you to concentrate on the subject and provide it extra attention and consequently making you a pro at it.

Switch Specializations:
LLM course offers you the possibility to specialize in a one-of-a-kind field than what you would possibly have selected throughout your commencement from law.

Pursue a career in legal Writing & research:
Depending on the LLM specialization, it offers you to have a career in legal studies and writing by way of pursuing LLD after LLM.

Higher job potentialities:
A program in LLM gets you that income hike and more possibilities than just a simple bachelors’ degree in law.

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Eligibility Criteria

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Career Prospects

For LLM students, a wealth of career opportunities awaits upon completion of their studies. With specialized knowledge in their chosen legal field, LLM graduates are well-equipped to pursue diverse paths in the legal profession. Many LLM graduates choose to further their careers in legal practice, whether in law firms, corporate legal departments, or government agencies, where their expertise is highly valued. Others may opt for roles in academia, conducting research, teaching, and contributing to legal scholarship.
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Government Lawyer

Advocating for the Public Interest

LLM course dehradun, Uttarakhand

Legal Associate

Supporting Legal Firms in Practice


Law Officer

Upholding Law and Order


Corporate Lawyer

Facilitating Business Operations

Libra college of Law

Lecturer in Law

Shaping Future Legal Minds

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Judicial Career

Presiding Over Legal Proceedings

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the distinctions between the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the Master of Laws (LLM) degrees, including the focus areas, academic requirements, and career prospects.
Learn about the prerequisites for applying to the LLM program, including academic qualifications, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and application deadlines.
Discover whether your international law degree qualifies you for admission to the LLM program, and learn about any additional requirements for foreign-educated applicants.
Explore the diverse range of legal specializations offered, such as international law, corporate law, intellectual property, human rights, and more, and choose the path that aligns with your interests and career goals.
Find out about practical learning experiences, internships, and externships that allow you to apply classroom knowledge in real-world legal settings and gain valuable professional skills.
Learn about academic advising, career counseling, language support, and other resources tailored to the needs of LLM students, including those transitioning to a new legal system or language.
Understand the length of the program, including full-time and part-time study options, and explore how flexible scheduling can accommodate working professionals or students with other commitments.
Explore scholarship opportunities, grants, fellowships, and other forms of financial assistance to help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses during your LLM studies.
Discover the diverse range of career opportunities open to LLM graduates, including legal practice, academia, government service, international organizations, and more, and learn about alumni success stories in various fields.
Gain insights into bar exam preparation courses, legal clinics, bar admissions support, and other resources designed to help LLM students succeed in their chosen legal profession, whether locally or internationally.


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