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Top 10 Law Colleges in Dehradun - Uttarakhand

Are you thinking of becoming a lawyer? If the answer is yes, then Dehradun might be the perfect place to kickstart your legal journey! Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun is a charming town known for its peaceful and calm environment and excellent law schools! 

Choosing the best law college from many can be a difficult task, so don’t worry! This blog will help in choosing the best law college in Dehradun that will suit you. We have compiled the list of top 10 law colleges in Dehradun, detailing what makes them the best. 

Among the top law colleges, Libra College of Law stands at the top in the field of legal education. The college was established in 2006, and is famous for its exceptional faculty, a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum, with the very good placement records of all the law colleges, Libra equips its students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the competitive world of law.

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What sets Libra apart?

  • Faculty Expertise: Libra college of Law boasts a team of well-experienced and qualified professors who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to student success. Their real-world experience and in-depth knowledge ensure you receive a well-rounded legal education that goes beyond textbooks.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The Libra college of law follows a rigorous curriculum that has been created meticulously to meet the ever-changing demands of the legal industry. It gives you in-depth and detailed understanding of the law by addressing both traditional and modern legal topics.
  • Focus on Practical Skills: The teaching at Libra College of Law goes beyond theory, focusing more on practical skills development through legal aid clinics, moot court sessions, internship opportunities etc. This hands-on approach prepares you for the courtroom and equips you to confidently navigate the legal landscape.
  • Unparalleled Placements: Libra has a track record of putting alumni in leading legal firms, corporations, and public-sector organisations. The college aggressively connects students with possible jobs via placement drives and alumni networks.

2. School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

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  • Focus: The UPES School of Law, established in 2003 is known for its expertise in energy and environmental law. This is intended for students who want to pursue a career in these fast expanding industries.
  • Curriculum: The program includes courses on energy and environmental policy, regulations, and dispute resolution in addition to the standard legal disciplines.
  • Faculty: The faculty consists of legal specialists with industry experience, who provide unique insights into the actual application of law in these specific domains.
  • Placements: UPES has a solid placement record, with alumni working for major energy firms, environmental consultancies, and government organisations.

Course Fees: 20 Lakh* for law courses

Address: ENERGY ACRES, UPES, BIDHOLI, via, Prem Nagar, Uttarakhand 248007

Contact:  1800 102 8737

  • Affiliation: The Jagran School of Law is affiliated with Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University.
  • Strengths: The Jagran School of Law provides a thorough legal education with a focus on innovation and research. Students are encouraged to conduct independent research and analyse legal problems critically at the college.
  • Activities: To expose students to a range of viewpoints, the college hosts seminars, workshops, and guest lectures with well-known legal experts.
  • Library: The library at Jagran School of Law is well-stocked and offers a wide range of legal resources to help students with their research projects.
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Course Fees: 10 Lakh* for law courses
AddressShankerpur Hakumatpur, Uttarakhand 248197
Phone: 070603 13122

4. Jagannath Vishwa Law College

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  • Affiliation: The Jagannath Law College is affiliated with Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University.
  • Focus: Jagannath Vishwa Law College’s legal education program has a strong emphasis on social justice. The institution encourages students to understand the legal framework that protects society’s most vulnerable members and promotes access to justice.
  • Activities: As part of its activities, the college takes part in many legal aid programs that help students gain real world experience for their legal career.
  • Community Outreach: The Jagannath Vishwa Law also organised many legal education program and workshops for the financially backward people in the rural and semi-urban

In the Community outreach program, Jagannath Vishwa Law College sets up legal education workshops and camps in rural and backward areas to make its students more socially responsible and help the poor. 

5. Himgiri Zee University School of Law

  • Infrastructure: Himgiri Zee University or Jigyasa University provide a well-equipped and modern campus that provides the best learning environment for the students. The law school has been equipped with cutting edge classrooms, online library, and moot court to enhance the learning experience of the students.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum at Himgiri is specifically designed in a way that focuses on developing well-rounded legal professionals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Interactive learning methods like case studies and simulations are incorporated in the curriculum to make learning more engaging.
  • Activities: Himgiri Zee University School of Law actively participates in moot court competitions, providing students with an opportunity to hone their advocacy skills and compete on a national platform.

6. ICFAI Law School

  • Affiliation: It is a part of The ICFAI University.
  • Curriculum: ICFAI Law School previously known as “Faculty of Law ” offers a rigorous curriculum that focuses more on developing the students’ legal knowledge by connecting them with the current legal happenings. The colleges always keep an updated curriculum inorder to make sure the students are well-updated with the latest development in the legal field.
  • Faculty: The faculties in the ICFAI law school are well-experienced and each carries a mastery in his subject. Most of them are highly qualified and alumni from the reputed law colleges of India.
  • Placements: ICFAI school of Law provided a decent placement to its students. Since last year, there has been a slight decline in hiring, but still the placement record is better than the other colleges. Most of the hiring is done in private firms and corporate offices.
  • Course Fees: 10 -12  Lakh* for law courses
    AddressRajawala Road, Selaqui, Central Hope Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248197
    Phone: 0135 300 3009

7. Uttaranchal University School of Law

  • Affiliation: Uttaranchal School of law 
  • Curriculum: Uttaranchal University School of Law offers a traditional law program with a strong emphasis on theoretical knowledge. The curriculum covers all core legal subjects, providing students with a solid foundation in legal principles.
  • Library: The college maintains a well-stocked library with a vast collection of legal textbooks, journals, and online resources to support students’ academic pursuits.
  • Extracurricular Activities: The college encourages participation in extracurricular activities like debates, essay writing competitions, and legal aid initiatives, fostering well-rounded development among its students.

8. IMS Unison University School of Law

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  • Admission Process: Known for its relatively easier admission process compared to some other colleges, IMS Unison University School of Law offers a good option for students seeking a quality legal education.
  • Curriculum: The IMS curriculum is designed in a way so as to maintain the balance between the practical as well as theoretical studies. The college includes internship opportunities, abroad tie-ups and moot court sessions along with the seminar to help students gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects.
  • Placements: IMS has a dedicated placement cell that helps students in getting the internship and placements at the best law firms, companies and government bodies. They have tie-ups with the many national and international companies which give them an edge in placement.

9. DAV PG College Dehradun, School of Law

  • Legacy: Established by the prestigious DAV institutions, DAV PG College Dehradun maintains a strong reputation for academic excellence. The law school maintains this status by providing a good quality legal education with a focus on social responsibility.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum at DAV integrates law studies with courses on social justice and human rights, encouraging students to become socially responsible lawyers who stands for positive change.
  • Activities: The DAV PG college occasionally organises community outreach and legal aid programs for its students, in order to give them practical legal experience so that they can contribute to society.

10. Graphic Era (deemed to be University) School of Law (Established: 2011)

Affiliation: Graphic Era (deemed to be University)

Focus: The Graphic Era Law School emphasises more on holistic development of their students. Inorder to achieve it, they make sure to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to their students which could give them an edge in their legal career.

The Graphic Era School of Law, was established in 2003, with the aim of imparting the best knowledge to students in the legal domain. Their curriculum has been designed to help students gain more practical knowledge through practical training and other sessions. These practical training and sessions are carried out with help of moot court sessions, camps, legal aid programs, internship and other means to give them a practical exposure. Their placement cell is quite active in terms of providing their students with international and national internship and jobs.


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