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Vision & Mission


  • To Develop & Facilitate Law Graduates for achieving Excellence in their chosen field connected with LAW.
  • To impart intensive and extensive quality education in the field of law by adopting modern and practical teaching and training techniques.
  • To Develop all round personality of the students and inculcate in them discipline, personal character -physical, moral and ethical, so that they can become better and useful citizen and also be confident and bold to accept challenges and excel in their chosen field of employment, be it Judiciary, Corporate World or the Courts of Law.
  • It will be our endeavor to help and assist the students to secure the best possible jobs if they choose to join the Corporate World.
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To create and circulate knowledge in the area of Law through national and international accredited educational processes.

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To facilitate a unique learning and research experience to the legal students of the college.

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Giving world class education to the legal candidates by exposing them to law trends prevailing in the industry.


  • Build an academic process which is well suited to local needs as well as cover up the national and international accreditation requirements.
  • Attract the qualified professionals and retain them by building an environment that fosters work freedom and empowerment which is much needed.
  • With the right talent pool, create knowledge and disseminate it to the students.
  • Get involved in collaborative research with reputed universities and give competent grounds to all the students.


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